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Unique and Exclusive Benefits to Retain and Attract Talent

Executives and key employees are responsible for developing, nurturing and maintaining the crucial relationships, proprietary processes and valuable assets that make your organization competitive.

Retaining key employees is a strategic advantage and one of the fastest ways to grow your business. Compensation and benefits are on the minds of all employees—including your top executives. Their total rewards plans deserve, but rarely get, the same level of care and thoughtful attention as any other plan.

At Business Benefits Planning Group, we help bring a big-picture outlook to your strategic discussions around executive benefits and other customized solutions for all types of:

  • Asset Allocation
  • Income Needs
  • Retirement Planning
  • Wealth Accumulation
  • Asset Protection Programs

A strategic approach to human resources and benefits can help you recruit, retain, and reward talent to fuel your organization’s growth and success.

Tax-Free Retirement Income Planning

This unique program provides lifetime tax-free retirement income, chronic Illness protection, critical Illness protection, and guarantees no loss of principal due to stock market downturns, yet, in some situations, can capture up to 80% of market gains. Not only does this vehicle allow unlimited contributions, it also enables investors to withdraw before age 59 ½.

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This strategy is called Index Universal Life has been used by the wealthy for many years, and with taxes likely to rise over the coming years, it becomes an even more prudent strategy to supplement tax free retirement income while providing benefits not found in other vehicles. The riders are called living benefits and include chronic illness, critical illness, critical injury and terminal illness. They allow you to access cash by accelerating the benefit against the face amount of the life insurance up to a lifetime benefit of $1 million, to provide care for critical illnesses such as organ transplant, heart attack, renal failure, blindness, cancer, stroke, ALS, and many more. In the case of a chronic illness in which you are unable to perform two out of six activities of daily living, you can accelerate up to 2% of the Face Value Per Month (up to $20k) for a total lifetime benefit of $1.5 million. This works like to a long-term care benefit. For any critical injury the lifetime benefit is $1.5 million. For a terminal illness that will result in death within 24 months, you can even access 100% of life insurance benefit up to a total lifetime benefit of $1.5 million. In addition, the use of benefits is not restricted and may be used for expenses including medical, additional care provided by family members, travel, home renovation, and business expenses.

Retirement Benefits Financing Program

The Executive Benefits Retirement Plan is partially funded by the employer or executive and bank financing. The financing provides approximately 60-75% of the total contribution to the plan, thus reducing your cost while increasing benefits over what your contribution could achieve alone. Each insured party (the executive/partner, etc.) has a segregated trust containing a policy. The employer or the executive makes a contribution to the trust.

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A Master Trust bundles multiple individual trusts to obtain critical mass, thereby getting optimal loan pricing. The contribution and the trust policy are the only collateral for the plan financing. You don’t sign any loan documents.

The cash growth along with future contributions (10 in total – five by the executive/employer) sustains the security of the loan and eventually pays off the loan in full. The result is a policy that has both a death benefit along with other, sometimes costly benefits. Other benefits include

  • Tax Deferred Growth
  • Tax Free Income
  • A Market Driven Rate of Return
  • No Loss of Principal
  • Liquid ( Can Withdraw Before 59/1/2)
  • Tax Free to Your Heirs
  • Cash Benefit for Terminally Illness (up to $1,500,000)
  • Cash Benefit for a Critical Illness (up to $1,000,000)
  • Cash Benefit for Chronic Illness (up to $1,500,000)
  • Cash Benefit for a Critical Injury (up to $1,500,000)

Can be utilized to cover both the event of death AND the person leaving for the following reasons:

  • Buy/Sell
  • Key Person
  • Partner Buyout
  • Personal Coverage
  • Deferred Compensation
  • Personal Coverage

Captive Insurance

Captive insurance companies have been used for over forty years, and historically, they were used by larger companies to reduce insurance costs, improve risk management and save taxes. Today, these same risk transfer strategies are being utilized by smaller companies.

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Creating a captive insurance company has become an invaluable tool for the successful business owner. As the cost for insuring risks has increased, many companies have found a more efficient way to manage their risk by forming their own captive insurance company, to provide for protection against loss. In doing so, the business owner may be able to take advantage of substantial federal and state income tax savings and utilize those savings to fund other business opportunities.

Captive insurance is, essentially, an “in-house” insurance company with a limited purpose and is not available to the general public. It is an alternative form of risk management that is becoming a more practical and popular means through which companies may protect themselves financially, while having more control over how they are insured.

Business Benefits Planning Group can help your business set up its own captive insurance company to insure or re-insure the risks that a company assumes while doing business.

We will review existing risks and analyze non-traditional risks that a company may be exposed to, and not even be aware exist. Captive insurance is insurance or reinsurance provided by a company that is formed primarily to cover the assets and risks of its parent company or companies.

Think captive insurance is right for your business? Business Benefits Planning Group has the tools and expertise to walk your company through the process.

Retirement Plan Management and Protection

The ability to help optimize the performance of any institutional, retirement and personal portfolio means having access to in-depth research, unbiased assessments of opportunities, and experts who are confident in their recommendations.

Drawing on the knowledge and experience of your partners is something you should be able to count on. In changing market conditions, both short- and long-term financial objectives face daily threats.


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With Business Benefits Planning Group you have an experienced team of senior investment and fiduciary professionals, who conduct the analysis and work directly with you, to help optimize and protect your financial goals.

Having your retirement plan managed to take advantage of market upturns is important, but protecting your retirement plan is even more crucial in today’s economic environment.

We offer our clients retirement plan management and protection services with WealthGuard™ so your retirement is safer and you have added peace of mind.